Cast of Players
Monday, Jun. 28, 2004, 10:23

I don't know why, but a few days ago I realized that I don't have anything here explaining who everyone is and what they mean to me. It may be confusing to see initials all over the place and not know why that person is important to my day to day living.

So I will try to recap from the beginning and not leave anyone out.

"The Player" aka A~ I met him in 1995 and we had a rocky off and on relationship for nearly 7 years. I loved him with everything I had and our relationship is a prime example of "love is blind" and stupid as well. We have a six year old daughter (aka the "Princess") whom he wanted absolutely nothing to do with until recently. The final breakup between us is what prompted me in part to start my "therapy" here at Diaryland. November 12, 2002, he left my house and did not return until December 31, 2003 (with a Christmas present in hand for the "Princess")

"El" aka Ellery~ An online friend who lives in California. He is a published author/poet/daddy/singer/songwriter/romantic/cutie pie all wrapped into one. We met around Nov 2002 when I first got online. We have spent hundreds of hours on Yahoo! as well as the phone and emails, he sings to me, sends me e-cards and has been a great friend. We have planned several times to meet in person, but unfortunately life gets in the way much too often. I care for him deeply, but I guess we will never know if it was meant to be more than friends between us.

"J"~ He was the first relationship that I had with someone I had met online. We met in March'03. He also was the first man to really treat me well in a long, long time. We dated for about 3 months or so. He was great fun and a wonderful friend to my children. We got along famously, but unfortunately his work is number one in his life and I grew tired of that really quick.

"D"~ I met him in July '03, another online match after I had stopped seeing "J". He is 10 years older than I and the first older man that I had ever dated. I wouldn't say that I fell in love with him, it was more like the "idea of him" was very attractive to me. He is extremely intelligent and wealthy and I was floored that he was interested in me. I later learned that although he was older than I, he was only more mature in YEARS, not in actions or emotions. (See the description of "T" for clarification)

"T"~ She and I have been best friends since we were 14, so that makes it 20 years or more. As we got older we grew apart a little but always kept in touch. She recently went through a divorce and I tried to be there for her and to be really supportive. We started hanging out, painting the town red after she moved into her own apartment. I didn't want her to be alone on New Years Eve, so she and I went to see "D" for the evening. The two of them decided that they liked each other more than they liked me, so I let them have at it. I still do not talk to her much today because they are still "dating".

"M" aka Magchianti,Michael~ He has to be the best man that I know. He is extremely compassionate,honest,decent,and kind. I have so much respect and admiration for him. He is the type of man that all fairy tales are made of. He and I met online in August'03,in person in October, and my life has not been the same since. Many of my entries are about him because I chose to fall in love with a man who only wanted my friendship. I have never known a man like him and I most likely never will again. I love him with all of my heart and unlike I have ever loved before.

"JP"~ He is a University Wrestling Coach that I went out with a few times. He is a great guy and really dedicated to his team. Need I say more ;)

James~ He and I have emailed for a few months and we met in person in Sept '04. He was smitten with me from the get go and I was absolutely flattered. He offered everything that I had been wishing for and then some. I wanted all that he was offering but I had my doubts because things were going so fast, confusion set in until I met John, who cleared everything up for me.

John~I met John on Oct 2,04 and it was magic from the start. He actually reminds me a lot of Michael. Not physically, but they do have the same way of making me feel absolutely wonderful. He gazes at me, touches my face and smiles at me much like Michael did. He also says the same sweet things and compliments my kissing skills and acts like he just can't get enough of me. The feeling is mutual and I think that I could let my guard down with this one.

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"The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved - loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves."
Victor Hugo