The Cornflake is in town.
Tuesday, Jun. 22, 2004, 11:38

A sudden, very fierce clap of thunder woke me up this morning. One of our ferocious Southern Summer storms was blowing through the neighborhood, whipping everything in its path. Huge trees looked like twigs as they bent over from the force of the winds. Ahhh, Summertime in Tennessee, you never know what the weather will send your way next.

I just read Cornflake's diary (Or is it Vicky now, that she is in the USA?)and she was writing about thunder at about the same time we were hearing ours.....I guess the storm has blown in from Chattanooga and picked up some momentum on on its way out into the "sticks" (countryside, for any non-Tennessee readers). I can't believe that Vicky is in Chattanooga and that I actually got to meet her.

Vicky, Bonnie and I met last night for dinner and they are quite the pair. Bonnie has a great sense of humor and a wonderful way of expressing her point. She and Vicky had so many funny adventures that the two of them have shared in their travels. Those of you that know Vicky should ask her about the Mississippi spider soup, and the laundromat of live lizards. We took a few pictures and I am sure that Vicky will post them shortly (I have an ancient 35mm camera and thus will have to take 20 more pictures and send the roll of film off for development before I can post them, while hers is digital and WHAM,just like that pictures are posted). Then all of you readers will be able to see our ugly mugs and matching clavicles (stick girls, that we are, hee hee) cheesing it up in front of Victoria's Secret.....Bonnie thought that was an appropriate backdrop for the "Babes Of Diaryland" We'll let you guys decide if we are worthy of that distinguished title or not.

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"The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved - loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves."
Victor Hugo